Feast your eyes on

The glorious Mykonos Sunset

Embark on an exclusive Mykonos Sunset Cruise and feast your eyes on the most majestic spectacle the island has to offer. As the golden sun descends, painting the sky with hues of crimson and gold, indulge in unparalleled luxury and tranquility. Glide through crystal-clear waters, embraced by the island’s serene beauty, while our expert captain guides you safely through Mykonian spots of exquisite beauty. Taste local delights, relishing each moment against the backdrop of an unforgettable Mykonos sunset, creating cherished memories that linger far beyond the horizon.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary natural beauty from the first moments of our private cruise, as we sail along the south coast of Mykonos, where you choose where to drop anchor and enjoy your swim. Dive into the translucent teal waters and have a relaxing afternoon swim along with your loved ones, surrounded by the sparkling Aegean Sea.

Mykonos Sunset Cruise to Delos | Sea Diamond – Mykonos Cruises
Mykonos Sunset Cruise to Delos | Sea Diamond – Mykonos Cruises

As the time passes by and the sunset is getting closer, it’s time for the absolute highlight of this cruise! As the day gently fades, watch the sun dive into the sea in a magnificent spectacle behind the ancient silhouette of Delos, casting a mesmerizing glow across the horizon and filling the sky with pink and orange tones. Feel the allure of this romantic setting as the sun sets and let these moments carry you away in a sea of unexpected emotions.

As you gaze upon the revered isle of Delos that’s steeped in myth and history, a plateau of local fruit and various types of Greek cheese will be available for you to truly be transferred to antiquity. Get a taste of what living in ancient Greece felt like as you sip the Greek wine and savor the local delicacies offered onboard, while admiring the magnificent view of Apollo’s and Artemis’ birthplace.

Our experienced captain will be here to ensure that nothing spoils your experience. In case the winds are too strong, he will promptly alter the route, so that you can admire Mykonos sunset in total safety and relaxation.

Can you think of a better way for a day to come to an end? Escape the boisterous crowds and offer yourself and your loved ones the private cruise you deserve! Join us for an extraordinary odyssey, where the past and present converge in an experience that lingers in your soul long after the voyage ends.

Cruise duration: 3 hours
Capacity: 1-9 guests
Departs from: Ornos bay

Book a Mykonos sunset cruise with Sea Diamond and enjoy an individualized experience that lets you relish every moment in its totality.

Mykonos Sunset Cruise to Delos | Sea Diamond – Mykonos Cruises

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