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Mykonos South Coast or Rhenia Island

Get to know the island’s multi-faceted character on a full-day Mykonos Cruise to the south coast or Rhenia. From the world-renowned cosmopolitan beach bars to the alluring secluded beaches of the island and from absolute relaxation to thrilling adventure, this private cruise has it all! Plus, with a fixed schedule with room for adjustments based on your wishes, is there anything more to ask for?

Once we set sail from Ornos, prepare yourself to witness the luxuriant aspect of Mykonos you have already heard so much about. Our boat will go through all the world-renowned beaches that have hosted thousands of celebrities through the years. The southern beaches such as Psarou, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, etc. pride themselves in offering a rare combination of modern opulence and all-time natural beauty that will leave you astounded.

Full Day Mykonos South Coast Cruise

Then it’s time to explore the serene side of Mykonos. Moving on to the southeastern part of the island, several magnificent natural treasures await for you to delve into its magical secrets. As a local, our captain makes great use of his profound understanding of the island’s characteristics to transfer you to the most amazing beaches of the area. He will opt for just the spots that are best featured under the weather conditions of the day, always making sure to avoid the buzzing crowds. Of course, our snorkeling equipment will be available for you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a first-hand experience of what becoming one with nature is truly about.

Next, we have pinpointed the ideal destination for total relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of touristic Mykonos. Depending on the weather conditions, we will either stop at Fragia Beach or Rhenia Island. At either spot, smooth golden sand, calm turquoise waters, and an endless horizon create magnificent scenery at a secluded beach for you to stroll around, sunbathe, and have a swim in total privacy

To satisfy all your senses, our captain will prepare for you a light lunch made with the purest local ingredients. Excite your taste buds with top-quality salmon and prosciutto, hummus, a full plate of authentic Greek cheese, a bowl of traditional Mykonian salad, and fresh mouthwatering fruit. To top it all, our menu features a bottle of Greek wine per two people as well as plenty of refreshments to accompany your meal.

For an even more customized experience, don’t forget to use our sound system to play your favorite music and make it the soundtrack of your most memorable day in Mykonos!

Cruise duration: 6 hours
Capacity: 1-9 guests
Departs from: Ornos bay

Get the most out of your stay in Mykonos with a full-day Mykonos cruise to the south coast or Rhenia island and let your every sense delight in the multiple gifts the island has to offer!

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