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The famous Mykonos Beaches

Explore the top highlights of Mykonos island through the eyes of a local, on a half-day Mykonos cruise to popular or secluded beaches. Whether you are into luxury and confluence or you prefer tranquility and solitude, this private cruise has everything you need. Bustling beach bars, hidden shorelines, a colorful seafloor, mouthwatering local delights and customized surprises are included in a cruise determined to gain a special place in your memories.

Hop aboard at Ornos bay and let’s sail to the opulent charm that Mykonos has been so popular about. Our voyage will traverse every little corner of the island’s south coast, where beaches of unparalleled beauty have sheltered globally acclaimed beach bars. Watch world-class sophistication blend gracefully with the magnificent splendor of nature before your eyes, as we go through globally acclaimed Mykonian beaches like Psarou, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise and more.

Mykonos beaches cruise - Half-day

After you’ve experienced Mykonos as it is widely-known, let us show you the other side of the island and the myriad of reasons locals have become enamored with. Let our captain guide you through a plethora of stunning natural wonders inviting you to uncover their enchanting mysteries. Picture-perfect coves off the beaten track feature a colorful marine life and the most crystalline waters for you to feel yourself getting lost in their ethereal blue. To optimize your experience, snorkelling equipment is available onboard for those of you who wish to have a look at the undersea world from up close.

When your heart is full of contentment, we sail again for a peaceful refuge where you will have the chance to let the beauty you have experienced so far sink in.

Our boat will drop anchor at one of the most beautiful remote coasts of the island. There you can unwind in total privacy, lying under the sun, having a swim or even just watching our captain preparing some local delicacies. Taste different types of Greek cheese, savor a variety of fresh fruit, and let your eyes wander on the bluest horizon you have ever witnessed, as you enjoy a glass of Greek wine. To make this moment uniquely personal, use our sound system to have your favorite music accompany the scenery.

As we sail back to Ornos, we can have yet another stop at a beach of your preference, so that our private cruise ends with your personal touch.

Cruise duration: 4 hours
Capacity: 1-9 guests
Departs from: Ornos bay

If you are in Mykonos for a few days and wish to get the most out of your visit, the half-day Mykonos cruise to popular or secluded beaches is ideal for you. In just four hours you will get to experience every facet of this marvelous island that is full of contrasts!

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