Tailor Made



Half Day Cruise

Duration: 4 Hours
Pax: 1 - 9 Guests


Full Day Cruise

Duration: 6 Hours
Pax: 1 - 9 Guests


Sunset Cruise

Duration: 3 Hours
Pax: 1 - 9 Guests

Half-day Mykonos Cruise

Explore the top highlights of Mykonos island through the eyes of a local, on a half-day Mykonos cruise to popular or secluded beaches. Whether you are into luxury and confluence or you prefer tranquility and solitude, this private cruise has everything you need. Bustling beach bars, hidden shorelines, a colorful seafloor, mouthwatering local delights and customized surprises are included in a cruise determined to gain a special place in your memories.

Full Day Mykonos Cruise

Get to know the island’s multi-faceted character on a full-day Mykonos Cruise to the south coast or Rhenia. From the world-renowned cosmopolitan beach bars to the alluring secluded beaches of the island and from absolute relaxation to thrilling adventure, this private cruise has it all! Plus, with a fixed schedule with room for adjustments based on your wishes, is there anything more to ask for?

Full Day Mykonos South Coast Cruise
Mykonos Sunset Cruise to Delos | Sea Diamond – Mykonos Cruises

Mykonos Sunset Cruise

Embark on an exclusive Mykonos Sunset Cruise and feast your eyes on the most majestic spectacle the island has to offer. As the golden sun descends, painting the sky with hues of crimson and gold, indulge in unparalleled luxury and tranquility. Glide through crystal-clear waters, embraced by the island’s serene beauty, while our expert captain guides you safely through Mykonian spots of exquisite beauty. Taste local delights, relishing each moment against the backdrop of an unforgettable Mykonos sunset, creating cherished memories that linger far beyond the horizon.

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