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Exclusive Mykonos Boat Rental Services

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Mykonos most cherished treasures with our Mykonos Boat Rental Services.

At Sea Diamond we are determined to navigate you through the true Mykonian essence with carefully tailored private cruises to hidden gems that only locals have been exploring for years.

Feel the warm Greek sun caressing you as you lie on the golden sand of the island’s most pristine secluded beaches. Lose yourself in the bluest crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea. Share valuable moments sipping wine with your loved ones on paradise-like destinations, away from the noisy crowds. Truly experience Greek hospitality on a memorable cruise with Sea Diamond.

Mykonos Boat Rental Services | Sea Diamond – Mykonos Cruises

Meet the Captain

Grigoris, born and raised in Mykonos, has been sailing around the Mykonian Sea, discovering its untapped treasures since he was a kid. Having fallen in love with the island’s immense natural beauty, he decided to show the world what an authentic Mykonian experience feels like. Thus, Sea Diamond was born.

Since its founding, Grigoris has been welcoming guests on his wooden traditional boat, aspiring to offer them a distinctive private cruise that resembles no other. The captain has taken great care into selecting the most wonderful itineraries that represent true Mykonos as locals experience it, while also offering services that live up to the highest level of Greek hospitality.

Of course, safety is of utmost important. As a native born, Grigoris has a deep understanding of the peculiarities of the Mykonian waters and knows how to read the weather signs so as to sail in absolute safely in the Aegean Sea.

Our Boat

Saint John

An authentic Mykonos experience could only be offered on an authentic Greek boat, like the ones that Greek sailors have been using for decades.

Saint John is a traditional motorboat built in Syros in 1997. The boat was completely refurbished in 2022 to ensure that it complies with the most rigorous safety standards. It has also been equipped with a variety of modern amenities and practical facilities so that it provides absolute comfort and luxury to every guest. And with a maximum capacity of nine people, you can rest assured that our spacious boat will comfortably accommodate your loved ones.

However, Saint John is not just a boat to transfer you from one place to another. It is a whole experience in itself. Its graceful bow features an inviting sunbed where you can enjoy a glass of Greek wine, while staring at the glistering waters and listening to the calming sound of the waves surrounding you. And when you feel like it, you can use the available snorkeling masks to explore the welcoming sea.

Boat information
Length: 11.70m
Width: 3.70m
Engine: 225Hp
Fuel: Diesel

Facilities & Amenities:
Tender boat
Sound system/ Bluetooth
4 USB ports
Sunbed on the bow
Snorkeling masks

Mykonos Boat Rental Services | Sea Diamond – Mykonos Cruises

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